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WOW! First Time Trying The Bubble Mask Before Bedtime!

WOW! First Time Trying The Bubble Mask Before Bedtime!

WOW! First Time Trying The Bubble Mask Before Bedtime! I know I am super late jumping on the bubble train. But, I just 

couldn't pull myself to the new madness that hit the markets a few years back. Yet here I am, being a complete copy cat and falling into the trap of needing a little self-care after work. Besides, I love sharing when I find things that work or don't work on my aging skin.

Nonetheless, going back has been making my face feel a little bland and slightly tired. So, I thought, why not try something new and refreshing to brighten up my face from being in isolation for so long. Although I was getting out and walking on the daily, I guess, in reality, my skin wasn't really getting vitamin D. Using a mask does not give vitamins, so keep that in mind. I am using the bubble mask as a means to clean my pores and give my skin a boost of glow.

WOW! First Time Trying The Bubble Mask Before Bedtime!

When I first applied the Korean mask, it took seconds for it to start bubbling. Yikes! It looks so itchy and creepy, but honestly, it feels just like a smooth slice of velvet cake. No, I am not dramatic. :) Ok, maybe a tad bit.:)
WOW! First Time Trying The Bubble Mask Before Bedtime!

I chose this package while standing in a long line at Home Goods. Yes, honey, I found this bubbly madness at the checkout register of a furniture store. Lawd ham mercy, I was a desperate soul. But, hey, I wanted to try the bubble mask one time.

I love how soft and creamy the bubbles felt on my face. The instructions say rinse face with warm water, then apply. Wait 10 minutes, then rinse with water. Of course, Ya'll knows I am country and slightly hard-headed. In other words, I did not follow all directions, only the first three. :)

Ok, I am trying to tell the story, I am almost to the punch line. After removing my mask, I used ice to close my pores. That is the only thing I did differently to my face. Oh, and then I did put a little moisturizer on at the end.

It's been two days since I tried the Korean Bubble mask, so here's my review.

Very moisturizing
Left my skin feeling incredibly soft 
There was absolutely no irritation on my skin at all.
So, I guess it's safe to say the bubble bath was excellent on and for my skin.

That's my story, and I am sticking to it.
 Now that I am older, I have to treat my skin as if it's a Maybach car. Yes, darling, I gotta treat this face as if it's a luxury car. I guess it's true sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it. That is why I was ok picking up my mask from a furniture store. Ha! Ain't life funny sometimes.

That's all, folks.

Would you use a mask that bubbles up on the face?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I would definitely wear a bubble mask heard nothing but great things about them.

    1. Yes try it...because I love the one I purchased. I am going back for more.
      xo Tangie

  2. Now you know it was my FIRST time trying to bubble mask and I LOVED it! It didn't agitate my skin or feel overly sensitive! Im def adding this to my weekly routine! I was late to the train but better late than never am I right?

  3. lol I was late to the train as well:)
    xo Tangie


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