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10 Little Joyful Bits Worth Celebrating!

10 Little Joyful Bits Worth Celebrating!
10 Little Joyful Bits Worth Celebrating!
Today's look is as follows: overdone lips, blue eyeshadow, and a colorful hat to hide my bad hair day. Yep, ya girl looks a train wreck at the moment. But, hey I am learning to find small bits about my life that is worth celebrating! LOL:) How about you?

There is not enough time on the clock to anything as of lately. It seems my life has been in a rush and go schedule. Every since my city has gone to 75% at my job, I've been getting up with the same let's go mentality. Who else can relate to waking up and having 10,000 things to do before the 8am alarm clock buzzes? So, yesterday as I pulled out my planner from my side dresser drawer, I began to reflect on this week's joyful bits that are worth celebrating. 

I must admit it's hard to find something to be joyful about with so much going on around the world at the moment, But I am starting to realize it's the small bits in a person's life that matters the most. And at this point, I want to be the change I want to see in the world. Or at least around my job, family, friends, and home. I once told a group of kids at a seminar last year while making arm bracelets. 

Living life is one thing, but expecting big things in life is another thing. If making jewelry is your passion, it's about time you start writing up a business plan to make it happen. 2020 is not over yet, and dreams can still happen with a little self-motivation. Side Note: I really do believe having one side hobby brings the most joy to me outside of being a mom, wife, co-worker, friend, finance lady, cook, etc. Yep, I wear a million hats, just like most women around the world.

  To be honest, most people I know never stop and smell the roses, let alone celebrate the little joys that really do happen in our daily lives. This may sound mundane, but celebrating little bits of joy actually helps me stay sane. So, I am going to jump right on into at least 10 of my bits that may seem lame, but they actually gave me the most joy this week. Side Note: I start my documentation on a Thursday and end on a Thursday most times. 
10 Little Joyful Bits Worth Celebrating!

  • I finally was able to go thrift snooping over the weekend. And I must admit I found myself some really cool jewelry and apartment decorations. That may seem small, but after working all week, I found it relaxing and mind-renewing waste a few hours window shopping and bopping. 
  • I celebrated three of my girls graduated and with high scores in school. Moriah made 3rd grade, and Chloe will be college-bound with her other two college siblings. Seeing my girls excel in college has brought me the most joy.
  • I added a new entry to my dream happening journal. So, stay up to date on my babbling post.
  • I made it my mission to smile at more people I do not know. And I also made the first attempt to speak when eye contact was made. It went something like this " Hi you doing. Good Morning. Excuse me and Have a Blessed Day. Yep, it has been mood changing for me, to say the least.
  • I've been texting my husband back when he texts me. Ya, girl gets busy, and I never respond back to my texts. But as of late, we've been acting like a new couple dating. Yes, that's a milestone because our work schedules clash.
  • I cooked tacos and nachos this week, and I enjoyed eating 4 loaded tacos and a bowl of nachos. And nope, I do not feel guilty one bit. Because I am enjoying my life.
  • I've been spending at least 20 minutes gossiping on the phone with my bestie. Yes, there is nothing wrong with a little friendly gossip and trash-talking. It's all in good fun and besides that is all the time we have to catch up with each other. So, we laugh and talk about everything.
  • I left work early twice last week. I am learning to not overbook myself no matter how much money someone is paying for hair services. This year I will not be working so many fulfilling long hours. Side Note: Money is useless if I am always tired and can not have fun with my loved ones.
  • I took the weekend off my social media. And I will be doing this every so often for a detox and to free up my time. Although I love sharing inspiring and motivational quotes and photos. Social is not that serious, and I will be using my time for other important things like catching up on laundry, friends, and real-life family. 
  • For the first time in years, I wore a baby doll dress that showed my knees. So, I will be wearing shorter dresses that bring my style some joy.

In conclusion: I am a person who has lived a life of good and sad days surrounded around fear and mild anxiety about my future. So, I want to use my blog to encourage others to live intentional and with a life filled with small joyful bits. Over the last few years, I've learned to stop waiting on something big to happen in my life and start enjoying all those little bitty things that come along. Once I started embracing the life I have, I generally have been feeling so free and happy. 

And there you have it 10 little joyful bits worth celebrating. What has brought you joy this week, yesterday, or even last night? Every little milestone counts. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. One thing that has brought me joy this week is having my coffee every morning, eating a WHOLE bunch of seafood and good weather!

    1. And that is all that matters. Joy is any small, med, or big thing that happens in a person's life. love that you love food. Lol ttyl
      xo Tangie


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