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Gotta Have Fun Before It's Too Late: Do It Yourself Lifestyle!

Gotta Have Fun Before It's Too Late: Do It Yourself Lifestyle!
Gotta Have Fun Before It's Too Late: Do It Yourself Lifestyle!
This is a PSA: I do not know about Ya'll but times up for not having simple fun and living a life filled with joy and purpose. The real truth is ain't nobody gonna do nothing for you are me. And got dang it, I think it's about time we get up and start living a wholesome lifestyle by doing it ourselves. Yes, it's a do it yourself lifestyle day. Come on in this blog post is about to downright country and real-life babbling.Something happened when I hit the age of being 40-something, I started reflecting on life. Yes, honey, I started thinking about all the little things I never got to do with my life. You see, most of my life, I mainly worked and tried to find the next hustle just to get by. Recently, I started to realize when I was younger, I chased empty dreams that wasted a lot of my time. And in between times, I never found the sweet spot to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of living life. Do not get me wrong since being married, I have done a whole lot, but I miss the mundane things that really make life worth living. You know those things that don't require makeup or dressing up because its time to have some fun.

During isolation time, I started to take note of all the hours and times I was missing with my family and not living my best life. One thing I learned from being cooped up in the house with my loved ones is that I miss doing grown-up and kid things with  Rico and the girls. Finding happiness and living a truly joyful life is not always about working and paying bills. Although those things must be done to live. But being present is also a big part of living as well. This blogpost may not mean much to most of you, but after being home for months, I started thinking about other ways to live a simple and productive life.

One thing I dreamed about the whole time was traveling again. But, in reality, no one is really traveling right now. So, the family and I got up packed sandwiches, chips, cookies, sodas, and a whole lotta other junk. I loaded our truck up and went for a scenic ride, not across the world but up the street. I can not tell Ya'll how much fun we had to laugh and make fun of one another, it was so relaxing and freeing. We rode until I found a really cool park in our area and guess what I never noticed this little place before. 

Gotta Have Fun Before It's Too Late: Do It Yourself Lifestyle!
My family and I unloaded everything from the back seat of our truck, and in three seconds, we all were running around like wild geese. I even pulled out my ole' school hula hoop so I could battle my two oldest daughters. I was a little rusty, but hey, I did get at least two loops around my waist before my hoop hit the ground. Ha! But hey, it's all about the fun right.

The hubs and I did rock paper scissors to see who was gonna count for the hide and seek game. 

In the end, it was my oldest daughter Carey. You can find her over here on her blog at Shacarey Martin

Shameless plug: She has a quirky and bohemian style about her wardrobe and life I know you will love.

Nonetheless, she was in charge of chasing all the family members. And I must add we all looked somewhat goofy running around and yelling. Heck yeah, it was a whole lotta fun, and I approve this for all ages.

My smallest daughter Moriah was chasing her dad, and I think it was the funniest thing on earth. 

Surprisingly no one even caught the Moriah because she jumped out her shoes and started running bare feet. 

Let's just say my whole family cut loose and enjoyed what I love to say is an ordinary day. 

In conclusion: I am awake to all the things that are going on in the world. And no matter how low life has gotten, I am coming out seeing things with a whole new set of eyes. Life is so much more than what we wear, where we shop and what we eat. I am in pursuit of the real happiness and joy that enlightens fo a long life of smiles and memories.

My name is Tangie, and these are my Bits and Babbles to living a do it yourself lifestyle. 

Sidenote: A do it yourself lifestyle is all about the life you choose to purposely live by any means necessary.

Are you living or just existing?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

I did not dress up for my outdoor adventure, but here is what I wore. Black jumper Thrifted
DIY cut-up shirt
Wedge Sandles- Alao Second-Hand
Head Scarf -Because it was hotter than catfish frying at a fish fry.
Hula Hoop came from Dollar Store.


  1. That family fun time is the best time! It's good to see people get out and become productive again!

  2. I am living at the moment because life is moving waaay too fast!!!!!!! And your outfit looking cute!!!!

    1. Yes life is moving too fast, so we gotta enjoy the moments:)
      xo Tangie


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