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His Name Is George Floyd!

His Name Is George Floyd!

His name is George Floyd, and one week ago today, that name has rocked the world. Better yet, it has changed the globe as we all know it. No matter where 
anyone of us may live, you can not turn on a TV without hearing the name George Floyd. As of now, I am surrounded by chantings from protesters that have yelled and engraved George Floyd's name in my head. Governor Cuomo and CNN Don Lemon have been at the forefront of my news for the last 7 days. Reminding the world daily not to forget the name, George Floyd.

And if you are a person of color, there is no way what happened to George Floyd doesn't hit home.

You see my name is Tangie Bell, I am a black woman, who is a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend co-worker, and tax-paying citizen. I have seen and witnessed the injustice that has taken place in the world most of my life.
 It is a known fact that our black men, women, and little children have to work harder at everything they do in life. No matter what it is. But, on Monday I sat watching the news with my family and watched George Floyd die on national TV. 

I was sick to my tummy, and the (black family talk ) was now being discussed with my children. I had to explain why the world is in an outcry for a man no one knew until he chanted (I can not breathe several times before he dies). 

That has got to be the saddest moment in my life and in history. Although his death was horrible, George Floyd is his name, and he has changed the world as we know it. His death has awakened the sleeping giants.

As much as I want to tell of all the injustice things I have seen in my life. This post is about sharing how so any people of all genders, races, and backgrounds are coming together to fight for black lives matter.

WOW, that is so painful to say out. But, I can not pretend that it doesn't exist. Although I have not and will never raise my black daughters to feel they are less than human beings. I must let them know there are people in this world who think they have a superior being over other red blood bleeding humans.

George Floyd died for no reason at all, but in reality, I feel his death has opened people from around the world's eyes.

I know I post about joy and doing what makes you happy. But today, I am so proud to be a black woman living in my truth. I didn't ask to be born black, no more than George Floyd wanted another man's knee pressed into his neck until he peed himself. 

Martin Luther King marched, Trayon Martin tried to live, Sandra Bland wanted to live, Botham Jean wanted justice. But, no one in the world listened at all. But one week ago today, one man named George Floyd neck was broken for all the world to pay attention. 

As I am coming through my community today, I am in tears watching all the people of different races screaming his name (George Floyd). 

In conclusion: I stand for justice and what is right...Period!

Although George Floyd is gone, he will never know how much he has changed the world of 2020. And yes, he has made HISTORY.

Lastly: Although I believe in peaceful protesting, looting and destroying our cities is never Ok. We should continue to fight for justice and not destruction.

His name is George Floyd and he was a black man known as the Gentle Giant.

And we will not forget you.

Rest In heaven.

Question: How has George Floyd impacted your life?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. George Floyd has impacted my life and momeory forever because this is the DAY that the world all stood up for one cause and that was to make sure that his name didn't die in vain..

    1. Yes, George Floyd has changed the world. I hope there will be change.
      xo Tangie

  2. This has definitely been a humbling experience to say the least! No one should ever walk outside in fear of losing their life ever by the hands of a another human! But, sadly this is the world we live in today and we must change our conditioned behaviors in efforts to come together in agreement with one another!

    1. I totally agree with you 100%. Thank you for commenting:)
      xo Tangie


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