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Tour My Mix Matched Thrifted Common Area!

Tour My Mix Matched Thrifted Common Area!
Tour My Mix Matched Thrifted Common Area! 

Hey, Ya'll, it's me again, but this time I am ready to reveal a little bit of my colorful living common space. A few weeks ago, Rico and I decided to spice up our tiny apartment home but only with thrift and second-hand decor. Yep, the idea was good, but agreeing on the style and look was nothing short of being perfect.

But, we did agree we wanted lots of colors, and we wanted a style that made absolutely no sense at all. We are so weird like that, and it's ok to mix and match a style that will make everyone happy. Honestly, I thought by adding a broad array of colors to our place was going to be easy as baking apple pie. But, the search for items was intense. If you have been following bits and babbles for a while, you already know it took weeks to find our sofa. So, I started with our vintage movie area first. You can see that post right here. Click Here
Tour My Mix Matched Thrifted Common Area!
It took at least three weeks to finish that project, but it was well worth it. Since I was able to decorate that area with thrift items. I decided to do the same with the other common areas of our place. So, let's jump right on into a quick tour. Please keep in mind I am not done with the decorations, but I wanted to share the progress. Trust me, I will not stop until I have a place jammed packed with lots of colors, weird second-hand items that exhibit lots of character. 
Tour My Mix Matched Thrifted Common Area!

First, the hubs and I decided we wanted a blue sofa which we found at a local refurbished shop. It had only one owner and cost us 250 dollars. Yes, we got it steamed cleaned and sprayed with a protective chemical spray. I must admit that process cost way more than the sofa itself. But, when buying thrift items such as furniture that is a must-do professional or done by you, the person.

Our best find was grabbing a mid-century style coffee and end table set from an estate sale. Boom got all three for 100 bucks. I must be honest; there was quite a bit of dents and scratches on all three tables. But that is what brings in the character of buying thrift, second-hand, refurbished, or from an estate sale. 

But, those are things Rico will be able to fix on our next project. When it came to our color scheme, we wanted a lot of orange and yellow throw pillows to add in the felling of happiness. Most of our items came from second-hand, except the pillows and rug on the floor. Those came from the world market and at-home shopping centers.

I also scouted those orange bar stool chairs from at home as well. Everything in our kitchen is from the thrift store, and we love it. The throw cover came from a vendor at our local market, and I think it adds a beautiful touch to our sofa. Also, everything that is on our bookshelf is totally thrifted. If you would like a tour of our thrifted bookshelf, let me know in the comments below? The gallery wall was done with items I previously purchased from the Hobby Lobby craft store. And I think bringing those items in gave our common areas a perfect mix and match design style. Stay tuned because  I will be thrift snooping more items for this entire space.  
 There you have it a sneak peek into my apartment rebooting of our tiny space.

Would you decorate with this much color?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie



  1. Let me tell you something, I love me some color! I love the way it turned out!!

  2. Your decorative skills are truly remarkable and it shames me lol that I don't even know where I could start to even decorate my brand new place. Definitely found some much needed inspo courtesy of you ma'am

    1. hey good morning. I have no skills I just love playing with my space:)
      xo tangie


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