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One Buck-A-Roo Beauty Stuff! Yay Or Nay

One Buck-A-Roo Beauty Stuff! Yay or Nay

Girl help a sister out, can I really rock one buck a roo beauty stuff? Is this haul a Yay or Nay?
There is not much I can buy for a buck these days. You know if I want quality, most times I have to spend a pretty penny just to look fabulous sometimes. But, lately, I have been shopping locally because most of the bigger stores are closed due to the pandemic. Or the rules are so tight I can barely buy anything I want.
Since it has been so hot outside, I do not wear a lot of makeup; therefore, I've been scaling back a bit. I used to wear makeup to cover up pimples and signs of dark spots. Now I  wear makeup for fun, and the joy of wearing less is best for me.
Yesterday, I decided to visit my local Miss A store, and I was surprised at the fantastic beauty items I found for one buck.

One Buck A-Roo-Beauty Stuff! Yay Or Nay
First Up: Why wear 20 lashes when you can buy individual lashes for one measly buck. Yes, I said it, and I love it. I can not believe I've been sleeping on dollar stuff. So, I grabbed a few of the Chloe and Stella lashes, and I must admit I will be going back for more. Is this a yay or a nay?
One Buck-A-Roo-Beauty Stuff! Yay or Nay
Honey, you may want to take a seat because, for one more buck, I scored eyelash glue, And it works fantastic with keeping the lashes intact. In fact, I barely feel the latex at all, which is a plus for me. 
One Buck-A-Roo-Beauty Stuff! Yay Or Nay
Then I found an eyebrow brush and comb combo for that same ole' buck. Now, let me take a back seat because I have brushes that I paid 28 bucks for. And the dollar one works just as good if not better. Somebody gets the belt because I need a spanking.

One Buck A Roo Beauty Stuff! Yay Or Nay
Then I found the cutest moisture pink lipstick and lip pencil.
One Buck A Roo Beauty Stuff Yay Or Nay

Both the lipstick and the lip pencil is very pigmented, and I will be buying more. There you have it a few things I am loving, and it only cost me one buck-a-roo. Now how country is that. lol:) 

In conclusion: 2020 has shown me how I have been wasting a lot of my money on petty mundane things. Although I can't buy everything for a dollar, it sure felt good to find some useful quality items that help me feel good. Oh, and I did not break the bank one bit. 

P.S. I also will be going back for jewelry, tissue papers, makeup removers, and lip scrubs. 

Last but not least, I am finding new and inexpensive ways to keep my beauty and spirits alive. Like I said before, I wear makeup because it makes me feel good. And that is the best feeling I can have as a woman. 

Have you tried any of  Miss A Beauty Items Before?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Stay tuned, I have been working on a big project. I will be revealing it in late August 2020. :) It's been a long time coming, and I am super excited to let my Bits and Babbles family know first.


  1. I love me some Miss A eyelashes and lash glue! I dont know why but it's the best! I also love their brushes as well!!


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