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Well, hello, beautiful people of the inter-web. I am so happy to be back and making content for this ole' blog of mine. So, yes, I decided to get up and brush the dust off and share a few bits of Joy when I go thrifting. Oh, and honey, do I

Reminder Of Time!


Reminder Of Time
A Back In The Day Reminder Of Time! 

Moo I Am A Cow!

Moo I Am A Cow!
 Moo I Am A Cow, and I offer no apologies for saying such a thing.

My Mind Was On Chili!

My Mind Was On Chili!
I do not know about you guys, but I am fed up with cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ugh, but I am not tired of eating. Honestly, I think I have cooked every meal except pigs' feet, rice, and hot water cornbread. 

My POV About Ageless Style From My Own Diaries!

My POV About Ageless Style From My Own Diaries!
My POV About Ageless Style From My Own Diaries! Oh, honey, you may not want to miss what I have to say on Today. Because oh my golly, I think I finally got it, and it took over 48 years to catch it with understanding. When I was younger, I knew one day I would get older, but as a teenager, I thought my style was going to be the same throughout my life. Not realizing with every number change on the calendar, my life was going to change. YIKES!

Every year that I turn another age, I started realizing my punky brewster style was also. Therefore I thought I would jump onto the blog and share my point of view straight from my ageless diaries.
My POV About Ageless Style From My Own Diaries!
To be clear, dressing up and being stylish is not a must-do for every woman. So, I am for women who don't really care about dressing up; I am cool with that. But, as for me, I am sharing my point of view when it came to me not taking care of myself. I think I took better care of my personal appearance when I was younger. So, why not take care of myself now that I am aging gracefully. Besides, I see nothing wrong with a woman getting all dolled up for herself. At the end of the day, I do not know one woman who doesn't want to feel good about the way she looks. 
My POV About Ageless Style From My Own Diaries!

Here's what I have learned just recently about ageless style.
1: my style is not about graduating to a look that other people like. It's about finding what looks and feels good on me. I have discovered no matter what I wear, it's my attitude that people love. If I feel good about what I am wearing, it will translate to the people around me.

2: Forget what the fashion influencers say. Honey, what looks good on the next gal may not look right on me. It's ok to love another woman and her style, but I had to learn what's my style. What do I love about my body and what looks good on my body? In other words, what I see online may not be for me. And sometimes that was a hard pill to swallow.

3: Understanding it's ok to try out a few different styles. Because at the end of the day, nothing goes out of style. For example, I hated bell bottom pants as a kid. Now I am on the hunt for a long flare pair.
At the end of the day, style is nothing more than how I feel about dressing my body. And that makes it 100% ageless in my eyes.

In conclusion: As of right now, I will no longer worry about my style or what I am wearing. Because I am choosing to wear what makes me feel ageless and confidant. I was told by someone from my old friend's group, that a woman of a certain age should not wear off the shoulder clothing.

But, I hear to say that it is far from the truth, and I am going to prove them wrong. So, if you are a woman of a certain age, I say gone brush those shoulders off and wear what you want.

No matter how old a woman becomes, I think wearing what she wants is the epitome of having an ageless style. 

I would love to hear your point of view, please leave me some comments below?

Until Next Time See You In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S. OOTD Deets
I am wearing a Denim Off The Shoulder Dress
Crossbody Bag
Open Toe Sandals With A Heel
& Sunglasses

Morning Babbles In The Evening!

Morning Babbles In The Evening!
Morning Babbles In The Evening!
At this point in life, I do not know the hour, minutes, or seconds of the day. Ha, I would like