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Moo I Am A Cow!

Moo I Am A Cow!
 Moo I Am A Cow, and I offer no apologies for saying such a thing.
 It has taken me all year to find a black and white dress. Although I do not like wearing what's on-trend, I love finding something wearable that is chic and cute. So, I thought I would jump on the blog and share my latest comfy dress find. 

First, off the dress I am wearing in my pics is from Tarjay. Yes, the level of cuteness this dress brings is absolutely stunning. And I can wear it in several different ways. And you guys know I believe in re-wearing an outfit over and over again.

Ok, let's be clear I am not a fashionista or a style guru. But I have mastered how to play with my clothes until I am satisfied with my look. It is no secret how I struggled with dressing myself in my late forties. But, now I do not care about what other's think or think. Because as a woman I think we should wear whatever we want.
Moo I Am A Cow!Moo I am a cow dress can be paired with dark or white shades, leather or denim jacket. I even popped on a pair of black earrings along with a two-layer pair of pearls. Yes, darling, this one little dress from Target can be styled at least 10 different ways.

In conclusion: As I am getting older, I am learning to not take my style so seriously. The clothes I buy now really tell a story and I am happy about that. Building a style wardrobe is expensive. But building a YOU-DROBE is priceless.

I used to wear leggings and t-shirts all the time until it became normal for me to look casual. I wore that same style to work, going to buy groceries and at my salon. Every day I was making women look pretty by changing their hairstyles. But, I wasn't taking care of me, and that had to stop. So, expect to see some really cool stuff that makes no sense around here. I only have one life, and I want to be happy and fashionable by any means necessary. As women, most of us put ourselves last, even when it comes to dressing up. 

Would you wear this dress?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. That is one fierce dress, and you are totally rocking it! Get it, girly.

  2. I want that dress sooo bad! Looking Fierce as always!


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