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Morning Babbles In The Evening!

Morning Babbles In The Evening!
Morning Babbles In The Evening!
At this point in life, I do not know the hour, minutes, or seconds of the day. Ha, I would like to blame my memory lapse on age, but this time, I can't blame my brain for anything. So since I am having my coffee from the comfort of my tiny home. I thought it would be groovy to jump on the blog and share some morning babbles. Although it is quite apparent, it is a wee-bit after 4pm. 
But hey, it's my day off; therefore, I will do whatever I want that is within reason.

Let's jump into today's blog, shall we?
Morning Babbles In The Evening!

To be honest, I did not sleep until 3 or 4pm, because that would be pure laziness to do such a thing. But I did stay in bed long enough to handle a lot of important business. So, I thought it would be cool to jump on the blog and share some morning babbles this evening. 

First, I realized I needed to amp up my to-do list and quickly. At this point in time, I would hope the world realizes things are going to be different on so many levels.

As much as I would have loved to sleep late and do nothing. The clock is ticking, and I really needed to buckle down on making plans that will help my house run a little smoother.

I spent most of my Morning turning in last-minute things for Moriah, who is now 8 to start school. I think it just hit me like a ton of bricks school will be taught from home. There I have spent the last three weeks getting things prepared. 

First, we bought all her school supplies, and then we made room for another computer to be placed on her desk for zoom calls.
I promise it took one week to finish getting our home to look like a mini-school class. I am not sure how this is going to work out, but one thing I do know, I can not wait until the last minute to prepare.

Today is actually the first day I can sit down and breathe for a moment.

So, I am pulling out my journal and making a list of everything that needs to get done. SideNote: I will not be adding anything that involves children, family, or friends after 3pm. This year is going to be hectic, and I must have something set aside for myself.

I know that may sound selfish, but it is not. The year 2020 is moving so fast; most of us do not even have time to enjoy life's little moments.

So, I have been practicing for the next steps in my life. At the end of the day, when I leave work, help with school work, shower, cook, and eat. And before I know it, the following day will be on repeat.

WOW! And just like that, life will slip on by. On Sunday, I went to Target and grabbed two tablets and another journal book for all my new saucy ideas.

First: I made three short term goals and 1 long term goal for the remainder of 2020. 
#1 What do I want to accomplish before my birthday at the end of the month. I put one big idea in my short term goals. 
#2 I made up a mantra of no Procrasting. GET UP AND GET IT DONE!
#3 Come up with some new ideas and content—nothing on repeat or boring. 
#: Create something that will further my skills and open my mind to new things.
#5 Leave random things alone if it doesn't make money it has to be put to the side

In conclusion: As I am getting older, I am finally learning to do what is necessary and what brings me happiness. I have spent a lot of time being mommy, wifey, and what others needed. Now I am on a mission to do what I need. I hope that doesn't sound selfish because I encourage you as the reader to do the same.

Go ahead and be your own cheerleader: Write that book, start that blog, bungee from a plane. By all means, run a marathon, join social media, start that business, join a new church, get new friends, buy those goofy-looking shoes, just go all out and be wild. Start living in the moment, and just do something for you. I know we've all been taught to put others, but I say that rule for one day. And do something just for you. When it's all said and done, we all have one life to live, and it has to account for something other than feeling unfulfilled. Yep,2020 has taught me a lot about standing still and starting over after the storm. And I can honestly say I feel good about the things I am doing this year. Although we are in August, there is still time to finish strong this year. So, do not wait for someone else to root for you. 

There you have it, my Morning Babbles smack dab in the middle of the evening.
Tell me one thing you love doing that brings you the most joy? It doesn't have to be anything that is big and over the top. Life is made up of small little moments that complete each one of us.

I love being a babbling blogger; it's rewarding and genuinely fulfilling.  I know my blog is not for everyone, but it doesn't matter. Because I am happy doing and being me, and that makes me successful on 9,000 levels.

Lastly, let this be the year YOU end doing YOU! I am rooting for YOU! 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S I also found some black and white journal pads at the Dollar Store.


  1. This fall semester will be very be a trial and error for a lot of families who have to home school for these next 6 months. I know me and my mom are making the appropriate adjustments for my niece who will be entering kindergarden. I hate she won't get a chance to experience the "real" kindergraden though.

    Please stay safe and I love the new layout =D


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