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My Mind Was On Chili!

My Mind Was On Chili!
I do not know about you guys, but I am fed up with cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ugh, but I am not tired of eating. Honestly, I think I have cooked every meal except pigs' feet, rice, and hot water cornbread. 
Yes, I said pigs' feet. No matter what I cook, I can never get away from cooking one of my Aunt Tootie's country meals. And that would be her homemade Chili. 

And for some reason, I want a big ole' bowl of her Chili Fixin's. But since she is not here in Texas, I am going to make Chili for my family my way. Yep, I am real sassy going against my family's recipe. So yall, please don't tell nobody. So, here's the deal back home in Louisiana every meal my family cooked was from scratch. And although I learned how to cook like a Bama from the backwoods. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing it at all. So, I am going to share my easy peasy everything must go in the pot chili.
My Mind Was On Chili!
Don't get me wrong I love when I have time to make a pot of Chili that needs to simmer for 12 hours. But, honey, I work 8 hours a day, and I am not about to be cooking and sweating in the stove. So, here is my quick recipe.
My Mind Was On Chili!
Step One: Put on a pot of red kidney beans. Please wash your hands and wash those beans. I do not condone cooking nasty. 

Step 2: Brown 1lb of ground beef, turkey, ground chuck, or whatever you have in the kitchen.
My Mind Was On Chili!
Step 3: Fry up a pan of pecan smoked sausage. I get mine from Kroger's. 
Step4: Cut up some bell peppers and lots of onions.

Bring beans to a boil for about two hours.

After beans are thick with broth. Add chili powder, garlic, pepper, onion powder. Just put whatever you have in your cabinets. Then add a can of garlic tomatoes from the box. Honey, it's ok to use can tomatoes, your little family never notice a difference in taste.

Then add sausage, ground beef, onions, and bell peppers, then bring to a slow boil and simmer. Please do not feed your family raw uncooked veggies (such as onions and green bell peppers. I know some country folk who do that. But not me:) lol no pun intended.
My Mind Was On Chili!
When Chili is ready to be eaten. Go ahead and add sour cream, shredded cheese, and Picante sauce. I usually cook 

In conclusion: Life is too short to be in the kitchen cooking and roasting chicken all day. So, let's help each other out with a few one-pot meals such as Chili. When I was a little girl, my elder never got tired of cooking big meals. It was normal, and they cooked every single day without complaints. But, not me, I am to many people in one day. You know a mom, wife, home baker, and employee worker. So, when I get home, I want to complain and cook something real quick. Ha! Life ain't perfect, and neither am I. So, I will be pulling some of my family's old recipe to cook up this fall and winter. Now, I will not promise my measurements or my food will be right. But I do guarantee my family will always have a good hearty meal. And for that, I think that makes me a good wife and mom. Therefore I will be giving my own award to myself. 

There you have it a bunch of country gal cooking and babbling!

What will you be cooking soon?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie