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The Joy Of Thrift Things Haul

Well, hello, beautiful people of the inter-web. I am so happy to be back and making content for this ole' blog of mine. So, yes, I decided to get up and brush the dust off and share a few bits of Joy when I go thrifting. Oh, and honey, do I
 have a few things that I will be hauling with Ya'll on today. Any hoot who else has been looking for relaxing ways to unwind and relax at the moment.

 I know I have been looking high and low. But, one thing I have been doing is intentionally protecting my peace and my inner surroundings. I have been focusing on using my time wisely and fulfilling some long life dreams that I put on the back burner. Ya know because life is always happening rather it be good or bad. Anyhoot, one of my favorite things I love doing, is thrift shopping for second-hand items. I do not know why I find it fascinating digging through the bins of someone else's used stuff. But doing so makes me so excited. Especially when I can find something that really looks amazing. I am often drawn toward old, unique, and character. I guess you can say I love the old nostalgic side of life. So, let's jump right on into some of my most recent finds. Last year I found an old 50's phone for my movie set-up. And I did it again I found a cute telephone hat dated way back from the '40s. I was so happy to get my hands on this little beauty. I think I will be decorating a secret room with this one. Do not worry, I will be sharing real soon with you guys. 

I am in awe of the victorian style and how the turn buttons were still in good condition. There was a little bit of rust, but when a little elbow grease cleaning, the phone will look new. And since I am using it for my own personal decoration, I am okay with the old and outdated look of this little telephone.
Next up on my list is a thrift find I am super geeked up about. Can you guys believe I landed myself an I Love Lucy Calendar? 
How cool is that, and it is in good condition. 
Considering it is dated from 2006-2008. What a great find to have one of my favorite shows from my childhood in calendar form. Can you guess where I will be placing this beauty? I started collecting old calenders when my husband, Rico, started his basketball collecting journey. As of today, he has over 10,000 cards. He has so many I am about to scream and start selling them on E-Bay or Amazon. Ha! I am thinking real hard about it. :) Should I do it? Anywho if you are a big fan of Lucy and her crew, then you already know I hit the jackpot. 
Now, next up on this little thrift haul is my new colorful clutch handbag. I must admit I love color and lots of it if I must say so myself. But there is no way I was going to leave this little beauty at the store. I am loving any purse that has Aztec designs and lots of yellows and pops of color all in one. 
Now I know you guys didn't think I was going to skip snooping through the clothes section. Well, I must admit I found some pretty cute little skater dresses. Just be on the lookout for a style haul with short dresses and hats. Yes, I am getting real fancy this fall with my never-ending style. Oh, darling, you just wait, so stay tuned and do not miss any of my shenanigans. 

Okay, I must admit everything can not be found at the second-hand store, but I do come pretty close. As you can see, I a loving this little dress listed up top. It took me less than 5 seconds to buy and try. 

Moving forward, I only found two items in the clothing section that day. But never fear I will be going back to shuffle for more. Sometimes it takes me a long time to find those pretty little gems I a looking for when thrift snooping.
Anyhoot, I did find myself a Marylynn Monroe tumbler cup in new condition. I am a collector of anything that is from a place in time. And we all know that lady Monroe holds the tile for being nostalgic. So, I had to bring this little baby home and quickly. 

Last, but not least I spent the last few hours rummaging through all the slips, coats and shoes. I did find one lovely pair. But after trying them on I could only fit one. I usually wear a 9.5 but I guess one of my feet may be a 10. lol :) who knew?

In conclusion: I know thrifting through old clothes and things can be overwhelming. But, as for me that is where I find my happiness and the most joy. Besides I love durning my part when it comes to shopping used and recycled items. My soul just lights up when thrifting and I really can spend one day sifting through anything that is pre-loved. Besides with everthing that is happening in the world. It feels good to be out and doing something that is fun and relaxing. 

So, there you have it my quick thrift joy haul! 

Which item was your favorite?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie 


  1. That was an amazing find with the 'I Love Lucy' poster, that still happens to be one of my favorite shows to date.

  2. Now you know you need to let me have that handbag!!! I love everything that you got!


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