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5 Joys Posted On A Sunday!

 I know it has been a minute, but a lot has been going on in the Bits and Babbles world. And with all the things that are happening in your home, I know most of my readers can relate. But enough about any of that nonsense, let me catch you beautiful up on something that happened to me this week. I am sure a little joy can go a mighty long way. I know I sure can use a sprinkle here and there in my life. Anyhoot, I also hope all this downtime has sparked new adventures and ideas for the remainder of 2020. Because by all means, the year ain't over until December 31 around midnight. Or is it over January 1 before midnight? Either way, it's getting closer., so I figured there is still time for me to learn and accomplish new things this year. So, if you are struggling, I will share 10 joys that just make sense for this lovely Sunday.

It's funny how life has been moving so fast this year. It seems I've been shaking and going non stop from 7 am until I shut my eyes at 10pm. Yep. I almost found myself about to complain and get mad at others for what has to happen in life.

For example, I got two rotten teeth pulled on Friday that was causing me bad headaches. Now, to say the least, I have to wait three more weeks for my retainer to come in. So, guess what I look like a snaggletooth fairy. See how easy it was for me to complain about my teeth. But on Saturday, I had to laugh because I didn't realize my head wasn't hurting anymore and hadn't since having mouth surgery.

So the joy is I am feeling better, and I still look cute with my mask on. Ha! 

Also, being off work for a few days, I found joy in creating new things to eat for my family.

I made brown sugar chicken wings with cream potatoes and gravy with a side of broccoli.

The recipe was so simple

One pack of chicken wind

minced onion

brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce

I baked my chicken for 2 hours. Then I mixed all the ingredients in a bowl and poured on top of my cooked wings. Put back in the oven until the sauce got a little sticky before serving. It was a joy to watch my greedy family eat every last bit.

The next day I sat with my daughter and watched her drink coffee at our favorite spot in Dallas. It was bittersweet because I couldn't have one sip of my favorite hot beverage, But I did find joy in being outside and talking about mommy and daughter stuff. I am almost about to tear up because life is about the good and simple things.

Ok, moving forward, I had a lot of plans for 2020 that had to be put back on the shelf of life. But, now, looking at it months later, it was for the best. Something extraordinary was sparked inside of me, and I found joy in taking another route. Honestly, I was about to make a horrible decision that would waste my time and money. In reality, stopping because of the pandemic really helped me see where I needed to focus my time. I can not wait to share that with you guys this month. It has brought me joy, and it has been a game-changer for me.

Most of you will not be surprised one bit. So, stay tuned for September 30.

Last but not least, I've found the most joy in clearing my plate and bringing my dreams to the forefront. That may sound selfish, but in reality, it is not. Think about it: No one cares about your goals and vision if you are not doing anything. I realize if I never say or share, no one will know or care. It is hurtful but yet so simple. 

In conclusion: 2020 has been a hot mess for so many, but this will pass sooner than later. In fact, Texas just went to operating the cities at 75%. Which means we will be back up and moving at 100% in the next few months or so. And I do not want to look back over this year without any new accomplishments or at least 2 new lessons learned. This may sound lame, but I have found joy in learning new recipes, spending time with family, and discovering a new me. It took me a long time to understand my happiness was never lost; I just had to find those little bits that help me live and understand my purpose in life.

Once, I found that I started re-routing ten years of doing the same thing and getting nowhere. My plans have changed but for the better of enjoying joy. When I write on my blog, I come straight from the heart, no sugar, and spice. I only want to share the real deal with transparency to help other women and men just myself. And honey, it may have taken me over 40 years to catch the true meaning of my joy. But it is better late than never, and I mean that. And I will say it again 2020 has taught me a lot about slowing down so I can see what really needs my attention. Tip: Pumping the breaks is a good thing:)

And there you have it 5 Joys that I am posting on this Sunday!

What has been your latest joy in 2020?

See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie