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What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing

Bits and Babbles showing food at the movies
                     What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing
Today I am going outside and play with my mask on. Safety is a must, people. :) No pun intended! 

I decided to jump onto the blog with some Fatale gossip all about Michael Ealy, my outfit, and my hubby photo crashing all in my business.

Since it has been almost 11 months since we have been able to see and do other things. That's not centered around cooking, cleaning, and watching Netflix. Before you go any further with this blog post, be advised that my state of (Texas) is open, and we do wear masks. So, if you are judgemental, please do not go past this point. But if you want a little Fatale gossip and other stuff, then come on in Darling. :)

No Shade But You Gotta Go! Closet Clean Out

Bits and Babbles clear out day
No Shade But You Gotta Go! Closet Clean Out
OMG, I know I can not be the only one who has this shameless and ridiculous habit.

Story Time: Rediscovering Joy In The Middle Of My Life And Style!

Tangie Bell trying on a new panda eye face mask
There is a lot to be said about rediscovering joy in the middle of life and style, and with so many things changing every day in the world. It's becoming quite hard to keep the joy bucket overflowing. But after re-reading the meaning of joy several times, I now better understand it's not a physical thing but rather an emotion of living time. Ultimately, joy will only happen when I align myself to accept that I deserve to be happy in life and stylish at any age.

According to a quick yahoo search on the definition of JOY. It simply means +a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Example: Tears of joy!

And honestly, I think that is what may be missing with so many people who are just angry for no reason. And it's call finding joy. Yep, it is that simple.

2020 was a rough year, and I will admit that. But, when I think about the ones I've lost, and the happy times we shared when they were here. I can't help but smile. So, my sad tears have really become happy tears. It's hard to explain, but I realize I should be happy because I am still here. So, why not make 2021 all about finding those feelings, no matter how small or big, be about rediscovering joy in the middle of my life and style.

Woman showing off her new panda eye brightening face mask

I think this method is equivalent to making or keeping a journal. But I intend to keep documenting my journey along the way on my blog. 

First, no more excuses for not living and enjoying every moment of fresh air I am breathing. #realtalk

No more of being afraid to be successful by downplaying a struggle that doesn't exist anymore. I realize people want to see progress and no struggle story all the time. It's ok not to linger in the past and let go of the places, people, and or/ things holding me back. And that is a hard thing to do, but as I get, I get older. I realize my sanity and real joy in life depend on me doing that.

So, here are a couple of tips I have started incorporating into my daily life.

Put Yourself First: Get away from people who always say it's better to put others first. Ha! This may make you mad, but it's true. If you never get up and put yourself first, you will most likely be last and watching everyone pass you by. There is nothing wrong with helping others, but at the same time, there is nothing wrong with putting you first.

Make One Goal And Accomplish It: Most people are bitter because they have no goals, ideas, or passion for life at all. That is why they rudely have road rage or hate the job they have. It's sad but true.

Honey. It's ok to have a goal or dream that gets you going every day. And I am not talking about your 9-5 job or the fact you've paid all your bills this year. I am talking about that one thing you have been lining to do but just can't pencil in the time.

Now back to me and my storytime this morning. I have decided not to make finding my own personal joy so difficult. Because honestly, life ain't that hard, and being happy ain't either. Ha! Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in my comment section. But please keep it classy:) 

I am finding more joy in taking care of my beauty and skincare. At my age, I believe you get what you pay for. So, I am loving indulging myself in good skincare. Seriously when I was much younger, I could just wash my face and go. Now, honey, I want to treat my skin like royalty. And I see nothing wrong with that. Doing so makes me feel good on the inside and out. This morning I cleaned my face with my Larouche and followed up with a skin brighter mask. Although I may look funny in my pic above. It just feels good when I wake up early and take care of myself and my body before starting my day.
Tangie Bell sharing her baking funfetti cupcakes
This weekend I canceled anything that took time away from me relaxing and hanging with my family. Yes, I did, and I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle next week's agenda.
Story Time: Rediscovering Joy In The Middle Of My Life And Style!

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday, so I baked funfetti cupcakes, which is her favorite. Ya'll who knew box cakes could be freaking good. Not to mention, my family enjoyed them better than they do when I order those expensive cakes from our local bakery down the street.

Story Time: Rediscovering Joy In The Middle Of My Life And Style!

And since it was Sunday, I decided to cook up a little southern dressing, mac, and cheese, b;ack-eyed peas. Roast with brown gravy, jasmine rice, greens, and fiesta corn. Yes, I did show out in the kitchen, laughing with my daughters and the hubs. Who knew being in my robe all day would make me feel the ultimate feeling of joy. 

 We got a little bit of snow here in Texas. So, you know me and the family had to go out and take pictures. Will post those at a later date. 

Story Time: Rediscovering Joy In The Middle Of My Life And Style!

I did go outside and wear those jeans I kinda don't like. But I still found something good about my whole outfit for the day. I am loving my thrifted shoes and studded handbag and just plum playing with my style. It is so much fun finding myself in life and in my own personal style. And I find the most joy in just being myself and over the top. Yep, and it is called having joy. And my friend, that is a feeling no one can take from me or (YOU)! Life is filled with good things, so do not be afraid to get up, get out, and grab some. Whose with me?

How are you finding joy in your own personal life and style?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

First Time Wearing Denim Jeans And Issa No For Me + Mini Haul

First Time Wearing Denim Jeans And Issa A No For Me + Mini Haul
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