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Checkout My Three Recent 2 Dollar Scores + My Thrift Like A Beast Tips!

Woman showing off her thrift shoes from the vintage store.
Good morning. I do not know about you, but I love a  good ole' thrift snooping day. Now granted, I do not always find something worth buying. But 

when I map myself out of a plan, I can really hit the jackpot full of scores.  And that is what happened on this particular day out and about. Now my plan was to shop for long dresses and colorful leather jackets. But I found most of the winter stuff looked a little crappy. Honey, I skimmed all the aisles and couldn't find one thing that was of interest. It could have been because there were so many people shopping and looking around for the deals and thrills. 
But being the coyote gal I am, I am not a quitter but rather a lurker of good finds. So, I took my time and went back down those jam-packed aisles. I was about to give up on my thrift snooping adventure until I found three pairs of shoes that lit my soul on fire.
Teal boots for 2 dollars at the thrift store
I rarely find good shoes for myself because I am a true 9.5, and sometimes I need a solid size 10. So when I scored three pairs for two dollars each, I was jumping for joy. The first pair was these Teal Buckle boots that had a tag from Free People. They retailed at a whopping $120. My favorite detail is the rustic worn to the ground look.
Teal boots bought from the thrift store for 2 dollars
The thrift store price was $4.99, but since I went on $2 day I got them for that price.
Showing 4.99 teal boots bought from thrift store
As you can see by the picture, they were barely worn at all. I can not wait to pair them with a dress or some crop pants that flair out. Stay tuned to see how I will style them up later this week.
Knock off 2 dollar converse shoes bought from trift store
Now hold your mule gal's I am about to share my favorite find of all. Ladies feast your eyes on this black and white knee-hi converse pictured above. Ok, they may be a knock but I still love them the same. They look amazing with my vampy style dresses. And the best part is they only cost me 2 whole dollars. 
Woman finds ASOS boots for 2 dollars at thrift store
My last and final score was these cute rocker style ASOS shoe booties. They look amazing and I can not believe I got them for just 2 dollars.
ASOS boots found at thrift store for 2 dollars
Not to mention they are in a comfortable size 10. I am in love with the silver metal studs all around them and the way the buckle wraps around. It gives off bad chick vibes and I love that.

There you have it all three of my recent thrift snooping finds that I think were worth every spent penny I spent.

Now, let's right into my tips on how to thrift like a beast. I can not count the times I am asked the question, how do you find such pretty things to style up? But contrary to popular belief there is a method for shopping at the mall and at the thrift store. It took me a while to learn my jam but when I got it I really got it.

So here are my unbiased tips that will really help when shopping retail or thrift.

List: Just as one will need a grocery store list before heading out to grab food. Well, the same technique works for thrifting as well. I find when I do not have a list or mental note of what I want to buy I will grab everything that is on sale. And when I get home I realize all I have is a bunch of cheap junk. Although the item looks cute I didn't really like it. I only grabbed it because it was flashing ( get me I am only 50cents). Yes, thrift clothes do talk but I have learned how to tune out all the noise.

Know Your Style: Honey what an Instagrammer or Youtuber is wearing may not fit your everyday look and style. It's hard to dress like a rockstar tattoo artist or hairstylist. If you are a teacher 5 days a week and a stay at home mom on the weekends. So, I find it important to find a style that will look fly while at school and on the weekends. So, look for styles that center around your real life as it is. If you love boho then make a list for the colors brown, burnt orange, and neutrals. Maybe add some fedora hats to your collection and boots are a must.

Once I learned my style I can go into a store and get what I like and leave. No matter how cute a cardigan looks I know I am not going to wear it so I never look through them when shuffling the racks.

Knowing your aesthetic or vibe will definitely help when searching for clothes and shoes.

Try something different: This may contradict what I said earlier but every now and then buy something out of the box. You know a blazer and a pair of boots with buckles and straps. It's ok to be different but it's not ok to waste money. I guess that is my motto: If the item looks unique then I will buy it only if I am going to wear it.

Check Times For Sales: I know it's hard to believe but thrift stores have deals and thrill days that are better to shop on. So check your local area for tag days such as dollar day, 50% off days, and fill your bag up for one price days. Those days will be packed but you can find some really good items. 

Have Fun: Ok I will admit thrifting can be so much fun. Especially when I am able to find well-hidden gems at a great price.

Once you learn your tone and style your thrift shopping experience will become easy to get in and out with the cool stuff.

Oh and do not forget the decor section and the men's section for more amazing things.

Although I only found three things this thrift snooping trip. I am super happy with the items for styling up something new in my closet.

Have you thrift snooped lately? Leave me a comment below. Other than that have a great day!

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit

xo Tangie