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Did I Really Need Three Of These Pink Things!

Tangie Bell sharing her review on Pink Pigeon Lipstick

Did I Really Need Three Of These Pink Things!

Says no woman who loves pink ever. I guess we will never know.  Anyhoot, let's jump right on into today's blog babbling, shall we? I went into the makeup store for one thing, and I came out about 70 dollars short of having that $100 bill I went in with. I was shook:) Not about the money but what I bought with it.

But hey, Ya'll know I am a firm believer that a woman should buy what she wants when she wants. So, with that being said, I went lip shopping last week for pink lipstick. And can you believe I came out with three different shades of pink because I couldn't just pick one? 

So, here's the deal  I am asking you guys to be the judge, Did I really need three different shades of pink?
In the first picture, I am wearing the lip color in Pink Pigeon. The texture is a creamy matte with a bold and bright barbie doll appearance. This color was definitely my first pick. But the Mac attendant starting showing me other shades of pink, which confused me. So, I tried them all.

Tangie Bell sharing her bits and babbles on wearing candy yum yum liipstick
Then I tried the color candy yum yum, which is a bold pink. It reminds me of a Nicki Minaj. I wanna be seen pink color. Trust me, it's super bright and vibrant. But, it is so pretty when worn with your favorite outfit of the day or evening. Nonetheless, I also added that to my must-have pink collection. This shade of pink is also a creamy matte.
Tangie Bellsharing her review on pink lipstick sweet but sexy
Last but not least, I couldn't leave the store without trying on the sweet but sexy lip color. Now I think this shade of pink was my least favorite. But I think it will look great doing the summer months. So, I grabbed that one as well. The color is pretty, but it is very light-colored to me. The matte pink texture did not stay on long, and it looked like a tinted lip stain on me. That is not a bad thing; I just prefer a thickly covered base lipstick.

In conclusion: Did I really need three pink lipsticks in different shades? Probably not. But I know how shopping for a pretty color, I love goes. Today the store will have it, and by summer, it will be gone. So, for that reason, I went on and bought all three colors. And at the price of around 22 dollars, I think I did pretty well for myself.

Also, I look at buying lipsticks as an accessory more than wearing them. I love it when my lips are popping with a vibrant color that matches my attitude and style. When I am having a bad hair day, I love to pop on a head wrap and a beautiful colored lip stain. I think it brings out my facial features. Besides, wearing pink never goes out of style. Let me know in the comments what you think about my color choices? And which one would you wear?

Until Next Time. See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie