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Masks And Makeup: Does It Really Matter?

Tangie Bell babbling Masks And Makeup: Does It Really Matter?
Oh, good morning, friends. How have you been? Other than being busy with work and home, I've been just peachy. And as you can see by the picture above, I needed a little tender loving face care. So, I decided to jump onto the blog and babble about masks, makeup, and does it really matter? Seriously, this is real talk amongst us ladies. Yesterday at work, I was having a friendly little conversation with three of my clients. The debate was about wearing a foundation under our mask. Oh, and it did get a little heated. :) 


Three ladies say no way they will mask and makeup. I disagree because I have to work with women all day. I feel unkempt when I do not make up my face at all. And I really do think as a woman we should fix our hair, face, and outerwear. But that is only my opinion.

 What do you guys think? 

One good point the women made was why wear our expensive makeup because no one can see it? Good point, but I feel it's a personal feel for me. But while driving home, I did rethink some of the things we talked about. So, I stopped by my local store and bought myself some makeup and things I do not mind wearing every day under my mask. And if you are wondering, I usually wear Fenty products. But now, I feel it may be going to waste because my clients can only see my eyes. Nonetheless, I did purchase some good items that look and feel flawless.

Masks And Makeup: Does It Really Matter?
Firstly, since we are talking about masks. I decided to share a new one I am trying by Freeman. Although I am referring to the mask, I wear outside. This mask is for my morning routine. Since having to wear a face-covering at work, I am finding myself increasing my skincare game. Every day I make sure I use a cleanser, toner, and face wash. And twice a week, I treat my face to a spa bath at home. I love using things that are moisturizing and hydrating. And this morning, I am using the Hydrating glacier water + pink peony gel mask. It is a leave-on, but I rinse it off after about 15 minutes. The feeling is cool and refreshing. My makeup goes on better when I treat my skin well.
Masks And Makeup: Does It Really Matter?
Since we're on makeup, I really love the Fit me powder foundation and their cover stick. It is amazing, and I am saving big coins using it. I am in love with the smooth and flawless look and feel.
Masks And Makeup: Does It Really Matter?
If you have been following me for a while, then you know I love black nails. I go to polishes at the moment is Sally Hansen's hard nails and Diamond strength. I just prefer to keep my nails cut short with a nice coat of polish. Since I am not going to the nail shop, I've learned. 
Masks And Makeup: Does It Really Matter?
Lastly, I am trying something new with my lashes. I am sweating more because of wearing a mask daily. So, I plan to stop wearing falsies for a moment. On Friday, my daughter bought me the new sky-high mascara. No, I haven't tried it yet, but I will keep you guys posted. It better be good because I can't give up my lashes.

In conclusion: I know wearing a mask is more important than wearing makeup. At this point, I am only looking for alternatives and fashionable ways to look amazing during this time. What are your thoughts? Leave us some positive comments and ideas below.

Until Next Time. See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie