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No Shade But You Gotta Go! Closet Clean Out

Bits and Babbles clear out day
No Shade But You Gotta Go! Closet Clean Out
OMG, I know I can not be the only one who has this shameless and ridiculous habit.

Gold thrifted shimmering jacket
 I'll go thrifting or clearance rack shopping just to buy things I don't like or need. Because it's on sale or it's 50 cent days at my local preloved store. Ok, I know I'm not the only bag lady in the world. Am I? Nonetheless, over the next few days, I will be snatching and donating all the clothes, shoes, and handbags, I've been hoarding over the last few years. Yea, No shade but these clothes and stuff gotta go, and I mean Today!

A pile of clothes that will be donated
And the first thing that must go is this shimmering gold jacket. Darling, what did I think when I grabbed this bad boy off the racks of Good ole' Will. The jacket was on sale, and I thought I could style it in a really cool manner. But after trying it on at home, it was an absolute NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I must admit it was giving me Michael Jackson vibes. But it's still a no for me.
Thrifted shoes to be donated
Now let's move onto these pretty peep-toe blue and white shoes. Umm yeah, I also got these for .50, but I should have left them on the shelf. My toes were screaming and hanging clean over the edge. Yet, I thought I was going to be able to rock them with a long dress. Yeah, my toes said it's a no, bruh! So, I will be donating these bad boys today.

No Shade But You Gotta Go! Closet Clean Out
Now I love a few good booties in my closet but these pictured above have to go. Although I do have a dress that will look play. But, now, these just slide on down the road. Bye Girl Bye! :) 
Bits and Babbles clearing out closet
Now these tans shoes pictured above was a copy cat purchase. And honestly, I should have let the cat down the street keep these. That is what I get for looking at someone style these, and I thought they would look fab on me. Ha! chile, I looked like a knock off influencer from the '90s. But hey, since I am donating them, someone will look so fabulous in them.
No Shade But You Gotta Go! Closet Clean Out
Now, I love my snakeskin shoes, but I have them in low quarters and thigh hi boots. So, I will be sending these off to a better home.
No Shade But You Gotta Go! Closet Clean Out
Now, as I am looking at these booties pictured above, all I have to say is, "What was I thinking". I looked like a superfly when I wore these with my husband. In fact, it looked like I was trying way too hard to look cool. So, bye to these bad boys. The cute tho:)
Bits and Babbles dress
Ok, I bought this dress off the clear—rack from TarJay. And everybody had this dress online. I wore it once, and I decided being 40 something just wasn't cool anymore. In fact, I'm going to leave it for the old forty-something women who really can wear it all. :) Ha! no pun intended. But this dress has a blessing for another beautiful woman in the city. It can style 5 different ways for a really cool mom of 4 looks. I mean, if that's really a thing. 
The red dress has to go as well. I kinda still like it, but I do have another hot momma red color I will be rocking this winter. No shade, but I am really playing with my style. So, finding unique pieces are a must. 
Although I love a brown handbag. I just have way too many, so out of them, all this one pictured above must go. 
Last but not least, I found this vintage style purple dress from the local thrift store. It was purchased for a wedding renewal. I thought I was going to wear it again, but I probably want no time soon. So, I am going to bless another woman with it. I only wore it once, and now I am over it.

In conclusion: All of these items I only wore once, and I tucked them away in my closet. There are only a few pics of the items I will be donating. I actually have two big trash filled with handbags, clothes, and shoes that must go.
I do not like to get rid of my stuff, but fast fashion just doesn't come back in style. I really love thrift snooping cute, old, and unique clothing. Do not get me wrong, I will grab a dress elsewhere if need be. For, for the most part, I rarely go to the clothes section in fast stores now. Unless I am shopping for my younger daughters.

Ok, this is 2021, and there are a few things I will not be doing when it comes to shopping now.
#1 Not wasting money: I am hell-bent on buying things I like from now on. I am not buying what other people like or want to see. Ha! Not joking one bit. Life is too short to be still people-pleasing when it comes to style. 

#2: Honestly, sale days are sometimes a waste of time. Especially when it comes to thrifting. Just because something costs .25 doesn't mean it belongs in your closet. Honey, you get what you pay for. So, I truly want a real vintage dress. I am going to buy it. Sometimes waiting on a sale is a waste of time.
Besides, it's crowded, and most stores are really trying to get rid of old dingy junk. You know that stuff that has rips, tears, and buttons missing.

#Wear what I want: If I want to dress like Tweetie bird today and Diana Ross tomorrow, I am doing just that. Oh, Darling, it's is so much more to life than what we are wearing. 

#4 This will be my last closet clean out: I will only be buying things I can wear a million times. And I will only be collecting items that will age well over time. I am getting too old to be playing around with my money. I love cool things, so I will only buy the things that make sense to my life and style.

Honey, I have so many ideas, and I can't wait to share them. I think it's about women start living in their own truth. By wearing what you want, eating what you want, and doing what you want.


So, with no shade being thrown, I've cleaned out my closet from fast fashion, and now I am moving on!

Here's a new motto for today's woman, and it reads like this!

"This is my style, and if you do not like it. You can leave. Now BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Have you cleaned out your closet lately?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit
xo Tangie



  1. Amen to all of this!!! I need to clean out my closet and my life! Ha! I want o invest in things I can wear a million times too because aint nobody got the time to waste the money or energy on things we wont need in our lives! Great post!


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