Joyful Bits

Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me!

Cabbage Patch Doll At The Thrift Store
Let's face it, finding and keeping a high level of Joy can be quite daunting at times. Especially when life has been centered around uncertain times. But quite frankly, I am finding in the mundane things of everyday living.
In fact, getting up and doing something other than working my 9-5 then coming home and cooking has helped me feel good. I know things around the world are still on lockdown. But, that is why I am only doing things around my neighborhood and community.
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me! Bits and Babbles
First, I've been getting dressed up and intentionally leaving the house, and spending money with my local businesses. 
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me! Bits and Babbles
I recently went to the book store and grabbed a few new books for more downtime at home. I have been limiting my time on the net. Mainly because it is boring and everybody is doing and saying the same thing. (including myself). :) I am not leaving social media; I just want to enjoy more things that make sense in life.
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me! Bits and Babbles
Since things have been a little slow at work, I am finally back out smelling the city flowers again. 
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me! Bits and Babbles
I grabbed a used book about gardening. Nope, I am not gonna plant anything; I just wanted to view life from a different lens. And to my surprise, I was very intrigued by rediscovering different plants other than my favorite sunflower.
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me! Bits and Babbles
I also feel upon the books for crocheting, and my eyes have been awakened by all the cute things that can be made. So, I grabbed one for my daughter, who wanted to level up her craft game. 
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me! Seen first on Bits and Babbles
It's amazing how many books were on just crochet. The ideas are endless, and no two people should ever do the same thing. I sat in the book store for hours and found new things to do. And that was an experience that the internet can not and never will be able to do. I am doing more things with my family now that haven't cost a whole lot of money. And it has been more fun than we've had since March 2020.
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me! Seen first on Bits and Babbles
I've also been building up my album collection, and I must say it's looking really cool. I just started a wall in my new space at home with collectibles such as Huey Piano. Yes, that is a throwback album from my parent's day, and I mean way back. So, when I saw it in the book store, I had to have it.
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me!
Then I ran across a current album from the weekend, and I grabbed that as well. Who can resist listening to an old or new album from their favorite artist? I know I can't.
Quite Frankly It Is The Mundane For Me! Bits and Babbles
In conclusion: I am finally figuring out life is what I make of it. Although everything around town is not open, it sure feels good to support and be around those who are open. I want to start back enjoying life even if I am only doing nothing. And sometimes doing nothing is really doing something. I did not set many goals for 2021 because I have plans of just living in the moment.

And, Darling, it feels good just to do that. I used to think by jumping jets and going out of town was my only way of having fun. Now, I am getting a new feel at life by doing small things that bring the ultimate joy and happiness.

Here is what I have been working on:

First, reevaluating my self-worth by not giving attention to things will not add one smile to my face.

I am working on not taking life so seriously. It's ok if someone doesn't smile, speak, or call me. And vise versa. It's ok people in different stages of life, and I must understand that.

I am not waiting for life to align with what I want to do. 

Usually, I have an excuse for not having coffee with friends because I am so busy. But, I realize being busy is n excuse, and it will age a person overnight.

Example: Being busy all the time robs people of the time. And it is a slow dismiss that once started, I find it's hard to stop. So, at the beginning of the year, I have penciled in one day just for me. On that day, I am not wifey, mommy, nor daughter, because that is my time. Yes, 2021 is a year of being back to me.

And I am encouraging (YOU) the reader to do the same.

It's time to start living again and really enjoying life before it's too late.

So, if you want to set up a business, start school, lose weight, gain weight, or just eat cake and be happy. Now is the time to do it all. It's ok to make this year all about you and you only. 

Yep, I said it! Back To Me! 

So, how will you be getting back to yourself? .
Joy and happiness depend on it. Leave us comments below. We won't judge:)

Until Next Time. See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie