Joyful Bits

Weekend Babbles: Personal Joy Has No Boundaries!

Oh wow! I do not know how the weekend came so fast. I swear it was just Wednesday yesterday, and now it's Saturday. Time is flying by so fast that if I blink, it will be Christmas by noon tomorrow. lol:) I guess 2021 did not come to play. 
So, with that being said, I guess I will jump into today's blog post. It's nothing but a few weekend babbles: Personal Joy has no boundaries. How many of you are setting rules and limits to rediscovering and enjoying life
Honestly, I thought it was so difficult and impossible to have joy when I am always a busy bee. Can you guess what I just started to do differently in my life? It's nothing mind-blowing or earth moving, but it is simple and life-changing. Ok, I guess I will share. I am discovering it's the simple things in life that bring the most joy. And once I started to implement a few small things into my life, I experienced a real change. For example, I set my alarm to wake 20 early just to sit on the side of my bed,
No phone or internet surfing. I just sit and stare at the wall, ceiling, or floor. I tune out any noise I may have in my head, and I genuinely relax doing nothing. But sitting upright in bed and looking stupid. Yes, I love that I am doing something so small for myself. 

When I get up, I open my blinds so I can see outside. The natural light breaks the dark feel of being asleep. Seriously it has been working for me.
I have been giving myself permission to walk around my home in cute loungewear. I got rid of all my so-called comfy clothes. You know that moo set that Wally world needs to stop selling. No pun intended!

Because Darling, they are so comfortable. I am getting better sleep going to bed in my black women's nighties. I would show a few pictures, but I think that part of a woman's life is so personal, But shoutout to the gal's who can rock and show Fenty undergarments with pride. :}
Anyhoot, I have been taking my weekends to do me and focus on myself. I only et a few hours in a day where I am not mommy, wifey and co-worker. And although I love those aspects of my life, I want my time unapologetically.
Today I did not cook; I only enjoyed a cup of coffee, orange juice, and some yogurt. And honestly, I was quite satisfied.
Today I watched three movies while my girls did homework for school. The first movie was How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Starring Angela Bassett and Tae Diggs. Let's just say it was a hot and steamy mess. 
Then I watched Jumanji of all the movies to choose from, but it kept me entertained. Last but not least, I watched Coming To America for the 100th time. Nonetheless, it was so relaxing just to sit back and watch movies all day long. #happysloth

I did manage to take another hour to learn how to operate my new IPAD and Apple Pencil. My daughter Carey did help me with setting up apps and things on my front page. I must admit it was a lot to learn and quite expensive to add and buy things needed for the IPAD. The pencil was over 100 bucks by itself. I also ordered a pencil cover and clear pad to cover the tablet. Not to mention a case to hold it all in. 
But I am using the IPAD for work and my business that opens on Feb 2st. More on that later.

In conclusion: I am working toward 2021 being a year of having joy with no boundaries. Life is what we make of it. And if I am always busy and never slowing down, it causes burn out. We all go through it from time to time. But I am learning to pencil in my small moments of not being disturbed. It's time to take responsibility for the things in my control and let go of the things that are not. And my friend, that is a recipe for good ole' living.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

P.S Give Yourself Permission To Be Lazy And Enjoy Life By Any Means Necessary! Yes, and It's That Simple:)