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What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing

Bits and Babbles showing food at the movies
                     What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing
Today I am going outside and play with my mask on. Safety is a must, people. :) No pun intended! 

I decided to jump onto the blog with some Fatale gossip all about Michael Ealy, my outfit, and my hubby photo crashing all in my business.

Since it has been almost 11 months since we have been able to see and do other things. That's not centered around cooking, cleaning, and watching Netflix. Before you go any further with this blog post, be advised that my state of (Texas) is open, and we do wear masks. So, if you are judgemental, please do not go past this point. But if you want a little Fatale gossip and other stuff, then come on in Darling. :)

Tangie Bell and Richard Bell watching the Fatale movie
I do not know about you, but I have been missing doing simple things outdoors. So, Rico and I decided to go and catch a late-night movie. Yep, we went at the grown folk hours of the evening. No kiddos were allowed. :) #allsmiles

Although most theatres are open, I am glad to see the proper steps they are taking to keep people safe.

Example: No large crowds, sanitize after each movie, must wear a mask, stand 6 feet apart, buy movie tickets with credit or debit cards. 

It was a bit much, but I felt very comfortable going out. 

Watching movie Fatale starring Michael Ealy

We chose to see Fatale starring Michael Ealy, a seductive sports agent who decided to have an affair. Also starring was Hillary Swank, who was very swanky, to say the least. But, I am not as mad at her as I am at Traci (Damaris Lewis), who placed Michael Ealy's wife.

Now I will not give away too much of the movie plot. But let's say. Michael Ealy should have stayed home. Or he should not have gone to that beach house, where his friend (Rafe, who was played by Mike Colter was cat nipping. 

What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing

What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing
Fatale was hands down a good cat and mouse thriller. It was definitely worth the $25 my hubby spent on our tickets. And the $32 he spent on all that junk food we ate. So, here is a break down of what I ate and enjoyed on my movie date.

Man buying popcorn before watching Fatale movie

What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing

What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing

What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing

It was simple: Nachos with Doritoes and Plain tortillas, 32 oz ICEE, and One hot dag. And My hubs had the exact same thing. In all due shameless I did not finish all of mine. 

So, there is my tidbit on Fatale without telling the whole story. So, if you get a chance, catch at your nearest movie theatre. Or check your local TV stations, like Netflix, HULU, or Amazon, because it's playing everywhere,

I really do give it a 9 out of 10, only because the ending almost made me mad. But I had a change of heart at the last 3 seconds. So suspenseful with a great plot and twist to the entire story. Be warned, the movie runs about 1hr and 45 minutes, so dress comfortably.

Since I am talking about dressing for comfort, let me show what I wore for my date out on the town.

What I Wore And Ate At The Fatale Debut! It Was A Wreck Worth Seeing

I decided to go makeup-less because the movie started at 8pm. But, I did wear my newly thrifted jersey dress by Calvin Klein. I paired it with a black and white long sleeve shirt, polka dot scarf, and lace leggings. My shoes are also thrifted Gianni Binni shoes, and yes, they were new but at the thrift store. What an awesome preloved find!

Richard and Tangie Bell taking pictures for Bits and Babbles

As you can see, I allowed hubby to photo bomb my picture. :)
Tangie Bell sharing her outfit of the day

Tangie Bell sharing her outfits
But hey, it was all about being out together and having fun. 
Tangie Bell showing off her black and white outfit for date night

In conclusion: I am happy to say I had a relaxing night out. I've spent the last few months living in fear, mainly because 2020 was a year of great loss. My husband and I have decided to get back up and out by living life fearless. But in a safe manner and with precautions. I am over just going to work and home doing nothing. My habits have changed this year; if I am not doing business, I will be doing leisure things. 

Such as getting out and shopping with small businesses and putting my money back into my community. Getting out and grabbing a little fresh air. If it's ok to walk a dog or cat outside. It is ok for me to sit outside without fearing the wind blowing.

It's time for me to take baby steps to live this new life we all have come to embrace. It felt so good to sit and laugh with my husband away from home. We did not talk about work at all.

Lately, I've been spending more time working on myself, my business, and less online. Because if it's not making money, I will not be giving my time to long drawn out things.

I am rediscovering hidden keys to my life and dreams. There is one thing I've learned since being on a lockdown is: There is more to life than living and working a 9-5 job. It is long overdue for people to smile and start living life with joy and purpose. That's my point of view, and that is where I want my belief in the life I am living to stay.

There is no way for one person to know it all. But what I do know is the best is yet to come. I do not know what tomorrow will bring. Today I want to enjoy work, family, friends, and the fact that I am still here. 

What made you happy this week? Leave comments to inspire someone else.

But Until Next Time, See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

P.S, I do not take what's happening in the world. But, if 2020 was a year of tears and loss. Just know you were not alone. But it's also ok to get back up and start living life with purpose and joy. :) I love ya!