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Saturday In February: Same Ole' Routine! Morning Babbles

Saturday In February: Same Ole' Routine! Morning Babbles

Didn't 2021 just start? Geez, and look, we are already on the first Saturday of February. I can barely keep up with my weekly routine, and now I am onto the weekend routine. And just in case you are wondering what I am talking about, just keep on reading. Oh, darling, there is more. lol:) Firstly, welcome to my morning babbles—a place where I share real woman life happenings. Well, according to my life but I know at least two of you can relate.

Saturday In February: Same Ole' Routine! Morning Babbles
And secondly, can we appreciate having a not so healthy breakfast. That consists of crinkle Krispy creme donuts, a few sliced banana pieces, and a coffee cup. That I must say is full of sugar and cream. Yes, I know my morning breakfast is not fit for the queen of England, but today my weekend is screaming for a sugar overload.

Anyhoot I really did have plans to walk around my community for an hour this weekend. And do a little meditating about enjoying a weekend of doing nothing but relaxing. That is until my hubby (Rico) asks what I planned to cook for Super Bowl?

What I Screamed? I am cooking nothing because I knew nothing about it. Lol, His reply was, who doesn't know about Super Bowl 55? So, babe, can you just fix some snacks for me, please? 

You can insert rolling eye emojis right here! There go my plans of doing nothing for me, myself, and I.

Can anyone else relate? So, here I am, having to get dressed and go out to wally world for more junk food. ?

Saturday In February: Same Ole' Routine! Morning Babbles

I reckon I better get prepared for the Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay battle on the field. So, my plans may have changed, but now I really do have an excuse to indulge in some of my favorite foods. I kinda hate I went to the grocery store with no list because I came out with stuff that made no sense. You know, lady gaga oreo cookies, egg nog ice cream in February. Isn't Christmas gone? That could be why I only paid a mere .75. WOW, what a deal!

Ya'll I grabbed everything except stuff for the Super Bowl. But never fear, I came up with something right before checking out of line.

If you need a last-minute idea. Here is mine, and I mean I am not doing one thing more. 

The main meal will be Rotel dip. It's ground beef, turkey or sausage, Velveeta cheese, onions, and seasoning. Please cook your meat first before adding all the other ingredients.

I will be doing fried little wings and oven lemon pepper wings. Honey, this is last minute, so I will be doing nothing fancy.

You already know I have kool-aid and soda on stand by with water bottles stationed on the counter. That .75 ice cream I just bought. 

I may fix one desert, possibly some cupcakes and cookies to cap off the night. Oh, and I might do a mini meat plate with cucumbers and ranch. But don't hold me to that part of the list. :)

Although my weekend is not going as I planned, I guess I will still enjoy it. Listening to my hubby and our 8-year-old daughter scream and shout in my living room. 

In conclusion: It's funny how we can plan a day or moment in life. But in one blink, everything changes. I am glad my weekend will be changing to spending time with the ones I love the most. (FAMILY). And I know it may not seem like much, but I am learning it's the mundane that makes the most sense to me. 

How will you be spending your Super Bowl 55 weekend?

Until Next Time. See You In A Bit!

xo Tangie