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Thrift Snooping: A Few Wild Thrift Finds!

Tangie Bell shares her thrift snooping finds

 I went on another wild thrift snooping trip the other day. And I must admit my taste in the items I chose has changed. It could be because the second-hand stores are changing the way they sell clothes now. It seems most of the good cute stuff is on their online sites. I never fear that I am a master thrifter, and I could still put together a cute style.  Besides, a good thrifter knows you may not find all your treasures in one place.

Thrift Snooping Finds

My first thrift snooping find was a big hit when I grabbed this genuine leather Que jacket. Unfortunately, it was not my size at all, so I gave it to my daughter. The price was about $40, but it was 50% off day. Normally I would not spend that much, but the condition was good. And it had a vintage /nostalgia vibe that I just couldn't resist. If you love the movie Shaft, then this jacket would have been a hit styled with a pair of wide-legged pants and a 70's flower shirt.

Thrift Snooping Finds

I did find myself a good ole' pair of old school looking clogs. Yes, they reminded me of a pair of Candie's shoes I owned back in my teenage days. Sometimes when I thrift, I always start in the shoe sections first. If I can find a preloved cute shoe first, it becomes easier for me to match a full outfit that is solely thrifted. 

Thrift Snooping: A Few Wild Thrift Finds!

Thrift snooping

On this trip to the thrift store, I did run across a few things that made me look twice at the price and style. Yes, I saw these black slip-on shoes that were so cute. Especially if paired with a basic dress and leather jacket. But, after further inspection, I realized I could go and buy them brand new off the store-brand sales rack. And I felt there were too many scratches and dents for the price. So, I left the elf on the shelf. :) 

My point of view: When I go thrifting, I am looking for unique and outdated items. If I see a local store brand that is currently in trend, I usually never buy. It's boring and so overrated—I thrift for the experience and the fun of it all. And not to buy what's all ready on the market and in season. 

Nonetheless, my trip wasn't wasted at all after I found four pair of cute leggings for $2 each. I know buying nightgowns, robes and leggings seem to be a weird thing to buy used. But, I do have a strict inspection scale I use so I can buy the best.

Thrift Snooping Yellow Thights

In the picture above was a pair of yellow tights that fit perfectly. I looked carefully for worn seats, tears, and bad stretching. They were in great condition, almost new looking. And after a hot water wash, I found them to look amazing on my thick legs.

Besides, I will keep them for years because they are hard to find in or out of season. So, I will say they are my weirdest thrift steal.

I am not ashamed to admit I shuffled through the thrift bins and grabbed all the colorful leggings available.

Thrift Snooping Flower Leggings

I am so in love with these fun colored flower leggings. I will be wearing them with a basic yellow dress and my black booties. It gives me great joy when I can dress up in small bits of fun clothing items.


Thrift Snooping: A Few Wild Thrift Finds! Leggings
As you can see, I did find quite a few pairs of printed tights and leggings. But they pair well with any style of clothing. Besides, they look cool when I am just out running basic errands.

There you have it, a few wild thrifts and finds. 
Inconclusion: Thrifting can be so much fun, but it takes time and patience to find the things that brings you happiness.

Well, that's all, folks.
Until Next Time. See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

Questions For You: How should I style my new thrifted tights? Leave suggestions, and I may pick your idea and restyle it. And I just may feature your name in the title but definitely in the blog post.

Also, would you wear preloved leggings from the thrift store?