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Hello and Welcome I am Tangie a forty-something woman living in Dallas Texas with my husband and our five daughters. The quickest way to sum up Bits and Babbles is this space was created so I could document and babble through the funky parts of midlife while trying to balance everything else in between.

Hey, Ya'll, I'm Tangie and welcome to my little ole' lie and style. I'm just a weird babbling country gal who loves sharing and telling stuff all from the back ends of Texas. I babble about life being forty-something some struggles and how cool it is to be aging gracefully, things I love, the places I visit in and beyond my city, my weird style which involves, thrifting and second-hand finds. A girl has to look good on a budget, right? Oh, and I love dabbling in my craft as a self-proclaimed jewelry maker. Ha! And I am always telling a good story, as well. Tha's my life blog in a nutshell.

Other Bits:
I am from the south side of Louisiana, now living in the countryside of Texas. So, I guess that makes me a mixed southern country gal at heart. 
No, I will not bore you darlings with my love of sweet lucy (kool-aid) and eating swamp foods that make the soul feel good. 

Or how I love making cute jewelry out of junk from around my home and collecting memories from a not so put-together life. Did I tell Ya'll about this earlier? 

Yes, I am a weirdo, and I am so cool with that. From 9-5, I am an extrovert (the life of the party. The Yes girl all day long.
But after 5, I am an introvert (unbothered, do not disturb me) Phone goes on an airplane mode. #sorrynotsorry

I do not eat healthy at all, I just can't let go of my fried catfish and grits. I tried Lawd knows I tried. 

I used to be perfect Betty Lou until I looked in the mirror and realized I wasn't. #myrealmidlife

Lastly, I still keep a diary, and it's called babbling, that's because I do not take life seriously. So, buckle up and join me for a bit of tea or coffee. 

Always enjoy the weird and fun bits of Life. Because those are the best memories! And that is my mantra behind this blog!

 More Bits:
Yes, it will be busy around here, so grab a cuppa tea or coffee and join me on this journey!

I like to keep things light around here, so do not be afraid to join in on the babbles.

Other Things To Know About The Blog And Me
Life gets hectic sometimes so, it feels good when I can write in this space with hopes to inspire and motivate others to try something different or just be their own kind of stylish weird. So, join in for a dose of Bits and Babbles!

Also, here is a quick playlist all about me:) jk all about my Bits and Babbles. So, welcome, and I hope you enjoy hanging around because it's just a blog filled with joy, soul, and a bit of fun.




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