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  1. Hello TangieB. I love your blog!!❤️��

  2. Hello my name is Tamu from a agrownasswomanboutique I love love your style it's so unique and free it's so wonderful to see a seasoned beauty like yourself be totally who you want to be.
    I have a online boutique and I would love to send you something I would love to send you my grown & sexy makeup palate and a few other things
    I hope to hear from you soon here is my email agrownasswomanboutique@gmail .com or you can reach out on here
    stay glamorous 💗💗💗

    1. Hello Tamu so nice to meet you. Thank you beautiful lady for wanting to send me something. But, I have not set up my P.O. Box as of yet. So, I will keep you posted. I will definitely keep your site and information so we can stay in touch. Thanks for commenting...wishing you much success. Hugs

      xo Tangie :)

  3. Hey Found you on Tic Tok. Love your Blog and you are just fabulous.

    1. Good afternoon,,,thank you for visiting!
      xo Tangie

  4. So glad to read your posts! I missed seeing you on Instagram, so I looked you up. Sending love and peace your way!

    I absolutely love your blog! It brings a smile to my face seeing women empower themselves through the things they love! You're style is amazing and the way your write is so peaceful and beautiful! I'm so happy I found your page on TikTok which led me to your blog!


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